Sophia’s Story

Northwest Arkansas had always been my home, but it never felt like home. Struggling to fit in with peers and lacking a sense of direction, I found solace in drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Despite the early hardships, I never imagined the transformative journey that awaited.

Years of substance abuse and trauma left me feeling disconnected from my community and trapped in hopelessness. The vicious cycle led me in and out of prison, as addiction and lack of support seemed insurmountable obstacles.

However, in March of 2017, upon another release from incarceration, a ray of hope appeared. I was introduced to recovery and found refuge in the Magdalene Serenity House. This turning point marked the beginning of a beautiful life transformation for myself and my family.

Upon completing the MSH program, I was reunited with my son and settled in Fayetteville, determined to provide a stable and loving environment. As a single mother, living on a single income proved to be challenging, especially with the additional barriers of a lack of higher education and a criminal record.

Yet, I refused to be defeated! Building up credit and saving money became a slow but steady process. The opportunity to become a homeowner seemed like an impossible dream, but I was determined to achieve it.

Working with Habitat for Humanity of Washington County will provide me with newfound confidence and a sense of deserving this opportunity. The prospect of owning my own home ignites a feeling of accomplishment and security that I’ve never experienced before.

The journey of building a new home alongside other community members is a powerful affirmation that I am worth their time and investment. I have always battled with feeling judged for my past, but today, I stand proud of how far I have come as I celebrate 6 years of sobriety and continue through my recovery program.

My own struggles and resilience inspired me to help others facing similar challenges. Recently, I started a position providing Peer Support Services in the Washington County Drug Court, where I connect with others through lived experiences that were once my most difficult battles.

In our free time, my 15-year-old son, Skyler and I find joy in spending time on the river, hosting dinner parties, and playing games with friends. Fayetteville has offered numerous opportunities to create meaningful experiences, and now, we eagerly look forward to building our new home and a brighter future within the welcoming community we will call home.

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