Homeownership Program

Everyone needs a foundation for the future
Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Our Home Buying and Repair Programs move us toward this vision in Washington County.
How does the program work?
Are you or someone you know struggling to find safe and affordable housing in Washington County? Our homebuying program provides a unique opportunity for families or individuals to build and buy a home to be their own through a 0% interest, 0% APR loan.
Apply for the Homebuying Program
Habitat partners with those who live or work in Washington County who are in need of affordable housing. Habitat selects partners on the basis of need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner. Applications are accepted each May for our Homeownership Program.
Habitat works with individuals who make between 50-80% of the area median income for Washington County, AR. For an individual or family to qualify they need to make a minimum of 50% of the median income with a maximum of 80%. HUD sets the income limits for each county of the United States and these limits change each year. The following table lays out the various income limits based on family size for 2022:
HUD Income Limits based on Family Size: 50% and 80% of the Median Income

 Median Income for Washington County, AR


Family Size 1 Family Size 2 Family Size 3 Family Size 4 Family Size 5 Family Size 6 Family Size 7 Family Size 8

(minimum income)

 31,050  35,450  39,900  44,300  47,850  51,400  54,950  58,500

(maximum income)

 49,650  56,750  63,850  70,900  76,600  82,250  87,950  93,600
Program Requirements
1-Ability to Pay
2-Willingness to Partner
3-Need for Housing
Orientation is the 1st step in applying for our Homeownership Program. Registration is required.
Applications will open later in 2024; please submit an inquiry form to be notified.
Thank you to our partners!