We Remember Those We Loved and Lost
In Remembrance of Those We Lost in 2016

As the year comes to a close we would like to honor members of the Habitat family whom we lost in 2016. These three men lived lives which demonstrated the good in our community with kindness, joy, and generosity. They will be missed. Please take time throughout the year to enjoy your loved ones: stop and listen to the stories your parents and grandparents tell, take time to build memories with your children, and let your friends know just how important they are to you.

Gregory David Mashburn: 1955-2016

Gregg was dedicated to Northwest Arkansas and improving the standard of living for all in our community. He served on the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors for a number of years and worked diligently to support our mission. Greg was a kind soul always willing to give of his time to help those in our community who needed a hand up. He not only served on the Habitat Board, Greg volunteered countless hours to both the Habitat ReStore and construction projects. He was a true gentleman and we will miss him.


In addition to his work with Habitat for Humanity, former Habitat Board Member Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick shared that:

Greg was always in conversation about helping those in need. He was interested in what 7Hills was doing, what type of information we were gathering during the point-in-time homeless census--and even volunteered to help us do interviews one year. Greg had a heart for the disenfranchised and his work and willingness to look for pathways to solutions remains an important part of what he was doing to make Northwest Arkansas a better place for EVERYONE to live.

Richard Dale Powell: 1958-2016

Richard Dale Powell and Family

Richard was a loving father and devoted grandfather of our Habitat partner Sarah Pine and her children. Richard became a part of the Habitat Family as he volunteered his time in the Habitat ReStore and on construction sites. Even as he battled cancer he continued to come out in support of his daughter and her efforts to provide her children with a safe, affordable home.

As Sarah remembers her father she tells us, "there are so many quotes of his that run through my mind every single day:

  • It is what it is.
  • When I was your age ...
  • A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone.
  • Go ask your mother.
  • Were you raised in barn?
  • You don't know what hard work is.
  • It builds character.
  • You have come too far to give up now.
  • You're grounded till you're thirty.
  • Money doesn't grow on trees.
  • Because I said so. 

I loved him past the moon and I miss him beyond the stars! I knew that looking back on the years would make me laugh but I never knew that looking back on the laughs would bring so many tears. It is because of my daddy that I am such an amazing mother. Until we meet again he will be our guardian angel."

Wash Jefferson Whitelaw: 1954-2016

Wash Jefferson Whitelaw

Wash was a regular volunteer in the Habitat ReStore. He was taken from us suddenly in an accident. Wash served his country in the U.S. Army from 1974-1978. He was a treasured member of the Habitat ReStore volunteer staff. He worked diligently with our ReStore warehouse employees processing incoming donations and helping our customers and donors. The office staff remembers the lively conversation and his love of football. Even when his team--Woo Pig Sooie--wasn't doing well Wash never lost his excitement for the game. He is missed. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

Thank you for shining your light in our world. We will miss you all.