women of strengthAs a part of our Habitat for Humanity Women Build Project we have featured many historical Women of Strength. Rachel Fields has been a supporter of Habitat for Humanity and the Women Build Project and we are thrilled to feature her as our first Local Women of Strength.

"The First Lady of The Gospel Blues!" ~ Sheryl Crow of Nashville Blues Society

"If you don't like the blues, she'll make you like it!" ~ 11 year old Alivia from Fayetteville, AR

"Her talent and grace is unmeasurable. She is a wonderful addition to our community and a lovely person." ~Megan Behrends, Habitat Women Build Committee 

Rachel "BRICK" Fields, an Arkansas native, and her husband Larry Brick, come together as Brick Fields with their natural approach of Ozark Gospel Blues.

Rachel's voice has been said to be a radiant beam of light in the darkness, and it has taken her all over the world singing for thousands of people for more than 20 years.

After spending time in large cities known for entertainment, cities such as New York City, Nashville and San Francisco, Rachel says "I had several dream opportunities arise that were very exciting but I really just wanted to be home in Arkansas. I have never performed well under pressured, dry circumstances, and I prefer to be free of such things. Music is a gift that, through the grace of God, provides a living for me and my family. It should be shared not marketed."

She is considered by many who listen to her to be one of the world's infamous, great blues singers. They say the Spirit with which she sings has been know to stir the hardest of hearts to tears. In conversations with those who love her music, she has been called humble, friend, and referred to as "The Queen" all in one sentence. Internationally acclaimed Blues Harmonica player RJ Mischo has said, "Rachel is the best blues vocalist around."

Her duo group, with which she shares the spotlight with her husband, is called Brick Fields, a multi-award winning and now international musical team -- they are definitive blues artists. They are also no strangers to being surrounded by great musicians. Rachel has spent many years touring the United States and playing with many infamous artists from across the world.

She was born Rachel Scroggins into a musical family on both sides in the dirty delta city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in 1974 and is a regional and nationally acclaimed artist. The most recent honor was being included in The Diva Blues Project. This project is an in-the-works documentary, lead by blues enthusiast Danette Patton of Illinois. The Diva Blues Project includes artists from Sister Rosetta and Bessie Smith to many of today's hard working blues vocalists from all over the world.

Rachel has just launched Ozark Mountain Records which at the current time is a labor of love and promotes Ozark Mountain blues and roots-based artists. Her hope is to have an up-and-running non-profit record label in the near future for a greater support of hardworking, independent, original blues and roots recording artists in the Ozark Mountain region. She and blues singer Lactic Liz Letterman have recently ventured into an all-women's group of 10 women called Divas On Fire and are in a surprisingly successful first year with headlining spots at regional blues festivals.

Aside from a full-time music career, Rachel is raising and homeschooling three girls and runs a homeschool support page for homeschoolers online to share ideas, daily experiences, and stories. She also keeps up a blog revolving around biblical truth and life lessons which is published monthly.