charity volunteeringWhy are volunteers important?

Volunteering is something nice people do, it’s something retired people do to stay active, or a nice way to teach young people to get involved. While these are all true statements the importance of volunteers goes well beyond this. 

Have you visited any of the following places in the last few days?

Library --- Hospital --- Park --- Public School --- Museum --- Animal Shelter

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

If you have, then you have undoubtedly crossed paths with a volunteer. Volunteers keep our streets, parks, waterways, and green spaces clean and safe. They are in our libraries and schools mentoring and tutoring our students. If you visited a local museum, it was most likely a volunteer who greeted you at the entrance. 

For those who like to know the numbers … 

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, 62.8 million individuals in the United States contributed 8 billion hours of volunteerism in 2014 alone.

This translates into a value of $184 billion in volunteer service in 2014.

For Habitat for Humanity of Washington County …

Our volunteers work tirelessly building homes, serving on committees, in our ReStore, and at events throughout the year. Volunteers also provide education hours for our partner families. Not a day goes by that we at Habitat are not served by the generosity of volunteers from our community.

The Habitat staff is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty in Washington County by offering safe affordable housing to hard-working families. We are all grateful for each and every volunteer whether they come out for one day or have served on a committee for years. 

So we ask again, why is it important to volunteer?

What is your why? How will you get involved?