Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization benefiting families in need of a safer and more affordable home – serving the Washington County area. Many of these families have children and in some cases, kids with special needs or single parents. Each family goes through an extensive interviewing and application process in order to be approved for a Habitat home. The family must fall in the annual income bracket, allow a number of home visits, and at put in at least 300 hours of ‘sweat equity.’ The sweat equity includes service hours and most importantly - help build the home on-sight.


One of the finished homes built by Habitat for Humanity of Washington County


On top of these requirements, Habitat goes through numerous rounds of interviews while also following a set of guidelines. After months of planning and service hours, the family embarks on a journey to change their life forever. Habitat for Humanity continuously undergoes development through the number of volunteers, donations, and the support of the community. Habitat for Humanity in the Washington County area is always looking for volunteers, donations, and land.