Rebecca Ponder, a single mother of three, joined the growing number of single mothers struggling to keep their children safe. Since Rebecca’s divorce of a 12 year marriage, she and her children are currently residing in HUD housing. Rebecca worries about the environment around them, drug transactions, bullying, and other activities that have the police showing up on a daily basis.

Once the family received news of being accepted into the Habitat family, Rebecca’s oldest son Antonio (17) stated, “Hey mom we don’t have to live around thugs anymore.”

Rebecca is thankful that they will now have stability back in their lives. Elena (13) and Austen (11) are excited about having their own yard. Elena wants a trampoline and Austen wants a dog.

On March 18th at 5:00 p.m., we will be hosting a groundbreaking event for Rebecca’s new home. The home is located on the corner of Arkansas Ln. and Washington Rd. in Prairie Grove. The public is encouraged to come out and celebrate with the family.

With the help of our community we can get this family home in time to enjoy summer in a safe, affordable home.

Turning Hope into a Home