My name is Malia Wycoff and I am the head of the Public Relations Committee for Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build 2015.  It has been a great experience so far to work with such a talented and diverse group of women.  I am so impressed that each of the 20 or so women has given up time with their family and friends in order to work together to improve the life of a special woman in our community.

It is so important for women to come together to support other women.  Each of us has experienced a time when we have needed “a little help from our friends” and this Women Build is just that.  We are all working together with the new homeowner to provide a safe place for a woman in our community to live and raise her family.

The two main reasons I choose to volunteer and donate to Habitat for Humanity are two of the biggest misconceptions about the program.  It is important for everyone to know that qualified members of our community purchase Habitat homes…they are not given homes for free.  Each owner needs to work 300-500 hours on the building of their home and then are responsible for repaying their no-interest mortgage.  This is important to me because I truly believe people are not looking for a hand out… they are looking for a “hand up”.  These homeowners purchase their home with their labor and their finances; they just need a bit of help to get the process started.

The other misconception that people have about Habitat for Humanity is that a part of their donations are going towards the operational costs.  This is simply not the case.  Habitat for Humanity Washington County, AR is able to cover operational costs with income from the Habitat ReStore.  This means that all donations go directly into the building fund.

I volunteer because I believe in this organization and the good they do in our community.  I am proud to be a part of the Women Build Committee and hope each and every person that is reading this blog will reach out to see what they can do to help build a stronger community.