Donate to Habitat for HumanityRepresentatives from 11 organizations, all doing fabulous work throughout Fayetteville, gathered today at the Fayetteville Senior Center to receive their portion of an anonymous donation made through Compassion Fayetteville.  Habitat for Humanity of Washington County, AR was blessed to be among those who received $1,000 to help support the work being done in our city.

Mayor Jordan spoke of the compassion shown throughout the City of Fayetteville.  We should all be proud to know we are part of one of 41 cities worldwide to be recognized by the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities.

Not only did Compassion Fayetteville donate $1,000 to each of the 11 agencies, but they brought everyone together to share what we do and publicly thank the anonymous donor.  It is always a pleasure to hear about the work our colleagues are doing.  Habitat is grateful for this donation that will go into the funding needed to complete our current build.  I was thrilled to hear that in addition, a women will have 16 nights paid for at the Woman’s Shelter, and that Meals on Wheels received funds needed to continue helping those who need a hot meal each day.  These are just a couple of the programs being helped by this generous donation.