HFH partner family building her home.
This is a question we hear too often.  Yes, here at Habitat for Humanity we build homes for families struggling to provide a safe, affordable, stable home for their children.  That said, we need each of you to help us dispel the idea that we are a hand-out program.  Repeat after me, “Habitat is a Hand UP not a Hand OUT.”


Habitat for Humanity believes that no one lives in dignity until everyone can live in dignity.  We believe that every person has something to contribute and something to gain form creating a community in which all people have a safe, affordable place to live.  We believe that dignity and hope are best achieved through equitable acceptable partnerships.


Here are a few of the facts about Habitat for Humanity (HFH):


Since founders Millard and Linda Fuller started HFH, over 600,000 homes have been built around the world, providing affordable housing for more than 3 million people in 3,000 communities.

Qualified partner families purchase Habitat homes with 300-500 hours of “sweat equity” and are responsible for repaying their no-interest mortgage.

HFH Washington County, AR is currently able to cover operational costs with income from the Habitat ReStore and mortgage payments … As a result your donations all go directly into the building fund.

By working in partnership, individuals, corporations, foundations, faith-based and civic groups, schools, and Habitat partner families we build a stronger community.  As each family  moves from substandard housing, overpriced housing, or over-crowed housing they become a stronger contributing member of our community and the cycle of poverty within their family can be broken.