Chair of Washington County AR Women Build My job with Truity Credit Union permits me to be in the community quite a bit, which exposes me to all that NWA has to offer as well as the various not for profits.  Each group has a wonderful cause worthy of support, but my heart was drawn to Habitat for Humanity.  I personally understand what it is like to work a full-time job and still be barely able to support yourself and your family.  I also understand the only way to break that cycle is to give individuals a hand up, not a hand out.  I truly feel this is what Habitat for Humanity of Washington County does.

Once I learned that they do not simply give away housing, I was hooked on their vision of  “A community in which everyone has a safe affordable place to call home”.  I am more than excited to be the Chair of the Women Build Project.  This will be my first experience leading a project such as this, and our committee is full of energized women ready to break ground and get their nails dirty.  With our Vision on this particular build of “Strong Women, Building Strong Homes, for a Stronger Community” and our tag line “This is How We do Our Nails," we can’t go wrong.  We are all looking forward to serving our community and helping a family become stronger.