Together we have been building homes, hope and a stronger community for 25 years. Your generosity has made it possible for Habitat homeowners to realize that they possess the strength needed to provide their family with a safe, affordable, stable home. We thank you and we look forward to the next 25 years hard-working families in Washington County, AR.

1. Habitat for Humanity was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976. Together with scholar Clarence Jordan, they developed the idea of partnership housing. Recognizing that there was a great need for decent, affordable housing, they brought together those in need with those who had time and skills to give. Side-by-side volunteers, donors, and Habitat homeowners have been building homes for 40 years. Currently Habitat for Humanity works in 1,400 communities across America and 70 countries worldwide.

2. U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn have helped build, renovate, and repair close to 4,000 Habitat homes in 14 countries since 1984, when they first volunteered in New York City. In doing so they have raised awareness of the need for safe, affordable housing. President Carter explains that, "Habitat is not a sacrifice that we make for others. Habitat is a blessing for those of us who volunteer to help others."


3. Because of moms like Brandi who went from being a young single mom living in her car, to providing a stable home for her daughter, now a high school graduate attending college. She tells us that "All people saw was a young mother who wasn't going to make it, until Habitat gave me a chance and the confidence to believe I could."

4. Because in Washington County, AR, over 14,000 children live in poverty.

5. Because children who live in homes breaking down--nonfunctioning heating/air conditioning, broken windows & doors, or unsafe/unclean environments--often suffer greater levels of insecurity and emotional issues.

6. Because students living in poverty who have to regularly change schools are at a higher risk for dropping out and continuing the cycle of poverty.

7. Because, as stated by our founder Millard Fuller, "A house is to a family what soil is to a plant. A plant needs to be rooted. A family is like that. If a family is not rooted. It will not flourish. But once a family is well-rooted all kinds of wonderful things will begin to happen."

8. Because there is no greater gift than the smilies of a family on the day they are handed the keys to their home.

9. Because by making homeownership possible our partner families go from relying on the community for assistance to becoming contributing members of the community ... making us all stronger!

10. Because until we all live in dignity, none of us live in dignity.


11. Future homeowners work 300-400 hours of sweat equity: building homes, assisting the Habitat ReStore, attending education seminars, and working Habitat/community events.

12. Children of our partner families can contribute to their family sweat equity--for each 'A' they earn in school, they earn two hours of sweat equity, for each 'B' they earn one hour.

13. Habitat works with volunteers who provide thousands of hours to our home construction.  These volunteers make it possible for us to keep our housing affordable.

14. As part of our mission to build a stronger community, Habitat works with local and regional construction supply houses.

15. Each partner family contributes a minimum of 100 hours to the construction of their own home.


16. In Washington County Habitat has made homeownership possible for 59 families.

17. Habitat for Humanity is not a hand-out, but is a HAND-UP. Our partner families are all hard working members of the community. They are required to have been on their job for a minimum of 6 months when they apply.

18. In Washington County, 90% of Habitat homeowners are single mothers - Nationally 75-80% of all Habitat homes are owned by single mothers.

19. Habitat is working to move families currently living in substandard housing into safe, affordable homes. Substandard housing can come in many forms: financially threatening quality of life or ability to provide other needs, homes with serious safety risks, or overcrowding.


20. The Habitat ReStore is a home improvement discount center and is open to the public. Your will find furniture, appliances, building materials and much more in our ReStore.

21. All inventory in the Washington County Habitat ReStore is donated. Donations come from individuals, contractors, and local retail stores.

22. The income from the ReStore supports the operational costs of Habitat for Humanity making it possible for your monetary donations to ALL go into the building fund.


23. Habitat for Humanity does not give away homes. Each family has a monthly mortgage which goes into the Revolving Fund for Humanity making it possible for Habitat to continue building homes.

24. Habitat for Humanity is not a government-funded organization. We rely on our generous local community for funding and supply donations.

25. Habitat for Humanity of Washington County is a local non-profit. We are an independent affiliate of Habitat International and do not receive funding from them.