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Ask around and I think you'll find most folks see me as a dude's dude... fly fishing, old trucks, jeans and boots, and motorcycles. The funny thing is, not too long after my little girl came home in 2009 (and completely stole my heart and turned my world upside down) it became obvious to me that she liked lots of those things too in addition to tutus and tiaras. Most of my professional heroes in the nonprofit realm nationwide are women, and I've been lucky enough to be sort of "adopted" by a few of them and they are now family. A Women Build represents a way to show our community that gender has absolutely zero to do with much of anything in the world of building homes. It was among the first projects we discussed as a staff when I joined Habitat in 2013, and I'm thrilled to see it becoming a reality. It's a great opportunity for all of us - men and women alike - and I know it can open eyes and show that our young women can do whatever they set their minds to. We can all make a difference. Look for me on the build site this spring. I'll be the one being led around by the little dark haired beauty with the hammer and bows.

~ Jason Kindall, Executive Director

Women Build 2015

Habitat’s Women Build program challenges women to build a better future for our nation’s children and a legacy of volunteerism for their own children.

Nationally more than 12 million children currently live in poverty—that’s one child in six. Of those 12 million, 77 percent live in working households. Three point six million children in America are suffering “worst-case” housing need, with their families paying more than half of their income for rent, or living in overcrowded or substandard housing (from a Children’s Defense Fund report, 2002).

Women can actively address the problem of children in substandard housing and be part of the solution - one house, one family at a time.

Several studies have determined that the United States has the highest rate of child poverty among Western industrialized nations—an appalling statistic for one of the wealthiest nations in the world (Luxembourg Income Study and UNICEF). Not Safe at Home, a research report by pediatric faculty at Boston Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, finds safe, decent housing to be critical to a child’s health and development. Yet children are the single largest age group living in poverty. Women are very ready to address causes concerning children and Women Build offers them an opportunity to positively impact the lives of families within their communities.

A Women Build site provides a less intimidating environment for some to learn to build Habitat for Humanity homes with our partner families.


Nationally: 75-80% of all Habitat homes are women heads of household.
In Washington County: 90% of our Habitat homes are single mothers.

A Women Build Project can shine a light on this statistic and bring women together to build homes and a stronger community.

"Habitat for Humanity Women Build is a tremendous cause of which I am so excited to be a part. As a wife and mother I've always felt that the woman is no doubt the "heart of the home." What better way to share that gift with someone than being a part of Habitat's Women Build Project! It is an excellent way to give back to our community and to serve a well-deserving family in need by partnering with them to build a quality home that they can grow in, thrive in, and enjoy the benefit of a nurturing home environment that sadly so many never get the chance to experience.  For me, it is not just a calling but an honor to be able to serve others in such a way."

~ Tiffany Dykes, Spokesperson, Habitat for Humanity of Washington County, AR Women Build Project

"I am a single mother of three amazing children; a daughter Sonnie 16, and two sons Nick 15, Ethan 8. We are currently living in a subsidized apartment complex. It's a nice apartment, but a rough neighborhood where we recently experienced having bed bugs. I have struggled over the past four years to find a safe affordable place for us to live. I'm working on my education so that I can continue to provide better for our family. I dream big and Habitat for Humanity is a way of making big dreams come true. I'm honored to be a partner family for the Women Build Project, designed to empower women to get involved in the community."

~ Sarah Pine, Recipient Family, Habitat for Humanity of Washington County, AR Women Build Project